Wheelbase is 80"


Vehicle wheelbase is 80" from center of front hub to rear hub.

A1. Vehicle has no tailgate and the fuel filler is under the driver's seat Go to B

A2. Vehicle has a tailgate and the fuel filler is on the left side of the body Go to C

B1. Front frame crossmember is a tube Your Jeep is a MB

B2. Front frame crossmember is an open "U" channel Your Jeep is a Ford GPW

C1. Windshield top corners are squared and it has two pieces of glass Your Jeep is a CJ-2A

C2. Windshield top corners are rounded and it has a single piece of glass Go to D

D1. Vehicle is two-wheel drive Your Jeep is a DJ-3A

D2. Vehicle is four-wheel drive Go to E

E1. Fuel filler cap is 4½" in diameter Your Jeep is a M38

E2. Fuel filler cap is 3" in diameter Go to F

F1. Vehicle has an L-4-134 flathead engine and the hood is 6" tall Your Jeep is a CJ-3A

F2. Vehicle has an F-4-134 OHV engine and the hood is 10½" tall Your Jeep is a CJ-3B

Model MB/GPW Front Quarter View

Model MB/GPW Rear Quarter View



Model CJ-2A

Model CJ-2A



Model DJ-3A Front Quarter View

Model DJ-3A Rear Quarter View




Model M38 Front Quarter View

Model M38 Rear Quarter View



Model CJ-3B Front Quarter View

Model CJ-3B Rear Quarter View



Model CJ-3A Front Quarter View

Model CJ-3A Rear Quarter View